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OASIS // DEFINITELY MAYBE // #6 Supersonic

Their first single, their first gracious step into music history. How great is the arrogant vibe? Noel wrote this in the studio. The girl called Elsa is actually a farting dog who was graciously farting around in the studio. Rubbish video though, but that makes them look pure, you know? Making amazing music with no cool glamours clothing and them just being silly, you even can see that more in the video of Whatever


This is confusion, am I confusing you? This is confusion, am I amusing you?

Trippin’ song, innit? 


I really like Liam’s voice here! Not that sharp as on the album. There’s a nice rhythm in this song. The lyrics are great too. I think it’s about someone who’s naive and wants to be like Liam, Liam is saying he used to be like that too and he also wanted to be someone else. The grass is always greener. What do you think it’s about?    

OASIS // DEFINITELY MAYBE // #3 Live Forever 

This is the acoustic version, I choose this one ‘cause I like Liam’s voice more here then on the original. Don’t you feel infinite when you hear this? Oasis dares me to believe that I can be as great as John Lennon, they believe it themselves they are the great next thing, I always loved that! 

What can you be if you don’t have confidence? - Liam Gallagher

OASIS // DEFINITELY MAYBE // #2 Shakermaker

This always reminded me to The Beatles period of Magical Mystery Tour. Liam’s voice really fits great with these guitar riffs and psychedelic atmosphere (a bit Lennon-like). Love the lyrics to, silly sweet. Also I always have to think of Gem Archer when I hear this. He once said in the documentary of Definitely Maybe that it’s ment to be that he went to play in Oasis, ‘cause at the end of the song they sing Shake along with them (Gem)

OASIS // DEFINITELY MAYBE // #1 Rock N’ Roll Starr

When you wake-up in the morning, you have to live your life like a fucking star - Liam Gallagher about Rock N’ Roll Star

Today we’re celebrating. Remeber when you first heard this guitar note filling your room after you bought it with your earned money. You dicided to buy Defintely Maybe because Oasis made you feel the thrill of life. You thought ‘wow, this Noel-person really knows how to put my thoughts into words’.

 Rock N’ Roll Starr is arrogant and doesn’t care if you’re down with it. It kicked off Britpop from it’s bum. Time for partying all day and night.

 I still have the same feeling I had when I first heard Rock N’ Roll Starr… Ambition.Pure ambition. I started to believe that I can be whoever what I want to be.

So thank you Oasis. Thank you for me wanting to love life.

Agenda: Friday 29 / 08 / 2014: DEFINITELY  MAYBE  20 years celebration.

Here in Oasisgallery where going track by track. Where going to be thanking Oasis for giving us one of the best albums of all time. Celebrating all together. Celebrate with your Britpopfriends, I will definitely and not maybe. 

Kiss and see you on friday!